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On 5th February 2024 a Special General Meeting of the Batemans Bay Bridge Club was held to consider a motion to adopt the Model Constitution under the (NSW) Associations Incorporation Act 2009 as the Constitution of the Club.

The motion was passed unanimously, and the Model Constitution became our constitution on 6th March 2024. The terms of the Model Constitution (as at 6th March 2024) are set out below. Please note that any change made to the Model Constitution automatically applies to our Club.

Model constitution

Under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009

About this model constitution

The constitution of an incorporated association forms the structure within which the association operates.

To assist associations develop their constitution, NSW Fair Trading has prepared this model constitution, which covers the matters required by law. An association may:

  • adopt this model constitution; or
  • adopt a modified version of this model constitution

Registration with the ACNC

If your association is intending to seek registration as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) your constitution will need to set out the association’s objects or purpose(s).

The model constitution without modification is not suitable for that purpose. 

This means an association wishing to register as a charity with the ACNC must adopt its own constitution which includes objects or purposes that meet the ACNC’s requirements for registration.  That constitution can be based on the Model Constitution but must include an additional clause setting out all of the association’s objects.

Information regarding the ACNC’s governing document requirements is available on the ACNC website at

Changes to the model constitution

Any changes made to the model constitution will automatically apply to all associations that have adopted the model constitution (without modification).

Copyright information

© State of New South Wales through Department of Customer Service, 2022.  You may copy, distribute, display, download and otherwise freely deal with this publication for any purpose provided that you attribute the Department of Customer Service as the owner. This publication is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. For more information, visit



This publication must not be relied on as legal advice.  For more information please refer to the appropriate legislation or seek independent legal advice.



Part 1       Preliminary. 3

1           Definitions. 3

Part2       Membersofassociation. 3

2           Membership generally. 3

3           Membershipapplications. 4

4           Register ofmembers. 4

5           Feesandsubscriptions. 5

6           Members’liabilities. 5

7           Disciplinaryactionagainstmembers. 6

8           Rightofappealagainstdisciplinaryaction. 6

9           Resolutionofinternaldisputes. 7

10         Membershipentitlements nottransferable. 7

11         Memberresignation. 7

12         Cessation ofmembership. 7

Part 3       Committee. 8

13         Functionsofcommittee. 8

14         Compositionofcommittee. 8

15         Electionofcommitteemembers. 8

16         Termsofoffice. 9

17         Vacanciesinoffice. 9

18         Secretary  10

19         Treasurer10

20         Delegationtosubcommittees. 10

21         Committee meetings. 11

22         Noticeofcommitteemeeting. 11

23         Quorum      11

24         Presidingcommitteemember12

25         Voting    12

26         Actsvaliddespitevacanciesordefects. 12

27         Transaction of business outside meetings or by telephone or other means. 12

Part 4       Generalmeetingsofassociation. 13

28         Annualgeneralmeetings. 13

29         Specialgeneralmeetings. 13

30         Noticeofgeneralmeeting. 14

31         Quorum      14

32         Adjournedmeetings. 14

33         Presidingmember15

34         Voting    15

35         Postalorelectronicballots. 15

36         Transactionofbusinessoutsidemeetingsorbytelephoneorothermeans. 16

Part 5       Administration. 16

37         Changeofname,objectsorconstitution. 16

38         Funds    16

39         Insurance  17

40         Non-profitstatus. 17

41         Serviceofnotices. 17

42         Custodyofrecordsandbooks. 17

43         Inspectionofrecordsandbooks. 18

44         Financialyear18

45         Distributionofpropertyonwindingup. 18



Part 1      Preliminary

1      Definitions

(1)    Inthisconstitution:




office-bearermeansacommitteememberwhoiselectedtoanofficereferredtoinclause14(1)(a)(i) - (iv).

ordinarycommitteemember means a committeememberwhois not anoffice-bearer.



(a)    thepersonholdingofficeunderthisconstitutionassecretary,or

(b)     ifnopersonholdsthatoffice -thepublicofficeroftheassociation.

specialgeneral meeting,oftheassociation, meansageneralmeeting of theassociationotherthananannualgeneralmeeting.




Note: TheActandtheInterpretationAct1987containdefinitionsandotherprovisionsthataffect theinterpretation and application of thisconstitution.

(2)    TheInterpretationAct1987appliestothisconstitutionasifitwereaninstrumentmadeundertheAct.



Part2      Membersofassociation

2      Membership generally

(1)    Anindividualistakentobeamemberoftheassociationif:

(a)    thepersonappliedtobeamemberunderclause3(1)andtheapplicationhas beenapproved,or

(b)     thepersonwas1oftheindividualsonwhosebehalfanapplicationforregistrationoftheassociationwasmadeundertheAct,section6(1)(a),or

(c)     theperson was:

(i)      foranunincorporatedbodyregisteredastheassociation - amemberof thebodyimmediatelybeforetheregistration,or

(ii)      foraregistrablecorporationregisteredastheassociation - amemberof thecorporationimmediatelybeforetheregistration,or

(iii)       foranassociationthatwasamalgamatedtoformtherelevantassociation - amemberoftheexistingassociationimmediatelybeforetheamalgamation.

(2)    Apersonwhoisnotanindividualisnoteligibletobeamemberoftheassociation.

3      Membershipapplications

(1)    Anapplicationbyapersontobeamemberoftheassociationmustbe:

(a)    madeinwriting,and

(b)     intheformdeterminedbythecommittee,and

(c)     lodgedwiththesecretary.

(2)    Thecommittee maydetermine that anapplicationmay bemade orlodged by emailorotherelectronicmeans.

(3)    Thesecretarymustreferanapplicationtothecommitteeassoonaspracticableafterreceivingtheapplication.

(4)    Thecommitteemustapproveorrejecttheapplication.

(5)    Assoonaspracticableafterthecommitteehasdecidedtheapplication,thesecretarymust:

(a)    givetheapplicantwrittennoticeofthedecision,includingbyemailorotherelectronicmeansifdeterminedbythecommittee,and

(b)     iftheapplicationisapproved - informtheapplicantthattheapplicantisrequiredtopaytheentrancefeeandannualsubscriptionfeepayableunderclause5within28daysofthedaytheapplicantreceivedthenotice.

(6)    Thesecretarymustentertheapplicant’snameintheregisterofmembersassoonaspracticableaftertheapplicantpaystheentrancefeeandannualsubscriptionfeeinaccordancewithsubclause(5)(b).

(7)    Theapplicantbecomesamemberoncetheapplicant’snameisenteredintheregister.

4      Register ofmembers

(1)    Thesecretarymustestablishandmaintainaregisterofmembersoftheassociation.

(2)    Theregister:

(a)    maybeinwrittenorelectronicform,and

(b)     mustinclude,foreachmember:

(i)      themember’sfullname,and

(ii)      aresidential,postaloremailaddress,and

(iii)       thedateonwhichthepersonbecameamember,and

(iv)      ifthepersonceasestobeamember - thedateonwhichthepersonceasedtobeamember,and

(c)     mustbekeptinNewSouthWales:

(i)      attheassociation’smainpremises,or

(ii)      iftheassociationhasnopremises - attheassociation’sofficialaddress, and

(d)     mustbeavailableforinspection,freeofcharge,bymembersatareasonabletime,and

(e)    ifkeptinelectronicform -mustbeabletobeconvertedtohardcopy.

(3)    Iftheregisteriskeptinelectronicform,therequirementsinsubclause(2)(c)and(d)applyasifareferencetotheregisterisareferencetoacurrenthardcopyoftheregister.

(4)    Amembermayobtainahardcopyoftheregister,orapartoftheregister,onpaymentofafeeofnotmorethan$1,asdeterminedbythecommittee,foreachpagecopied.

(5)    Informationaboutamember,otherthanthemember’sname,mustnotbemadeavailableforinspectionifthememberrequeststhattheinformationnotbemadeavailable.

(6)    Amembermustnotuseinformationaboutamemberobtainedfromtheregistertocontactorsendmaterialtothemember,unless:

(a)    theinformationisusedtosendthemember:

(i)      anewsletter,or

(ii)      anoticeforameetingorothereventrelatingtotheassociation,or

(iii)       othermaterialrelatingtotheassociation,or

(b)     itisnecessarytocomplywitharequirementoftheActortheRegulation.

5      Feesandsubscriptions

(1)    Theentrancefeetobepaidtotheassociationbyaperson whose applicationtobeamemberoftheassociationhasbeenapprovedis:

(a)    $1, or

(b)     anotheramountdeterminedbythecommittee.

(2)    Amembermustpaytotheassociationanannualsubscriptionfeeof$2,oranotheramountdeterminedbythecommittee:

(a)    ifthememberbecomesamemberonorafterthefirstdayofthefinancialyearoftheassociationinacalendaryear:

(i)      inaccordancewithclause3(5)(b),and

(ii)      beforethefirstdayofthefinancialyearoftheassociationineachsubsequentcalendaryear,or

(b)     otherwise - beforethefirstdayofthefinancialyearoftheassociationineachcalendaryear.

6      Members’liabilities

Theliabilityofamemberoftheassociationtocontributetothepaymentofeitherof thefollowingislimitedtotheamountofanyoutstandingfeesforthememberunderclause5:

(a)         thedebtsandliabilitiesoftheassociation,

(b)         thecosts,chargesandexpensesofthewindingupoftheassociation.

7      Disciplinaryactionagainstmembers

(1)    Apersonmaymakeacomplainttothecommitteethatamemberoftheassociationhas:

(a)    failedtocomplywithaprovisionofthisconstitution,or

(b)     wilfullyactedinawayprejudicialtotheinterestsoftheassociation.

(2)    Thecommitteemayrefusetodealwithacomplaintifthecommitteeconsidersthecomplaintistrivialorvexatious.

(3)    Ifthecommitteedecidestodealwiththecomplaint,thecommitteemust:

(a)    servenoticeofthecomplaintonthemember,and

(b)     givethememberatleast14daysfromthedaythenoticeisservedonthememberwithinwhichtomakesubmissionstothecommitteeaboutthecomplaint,and

(c)     consideranysubmissionsmadebythemember.

(4)    Thecommitteemay,byresolution,expelthememberfromtheassociationor suspendthemember’smembershipif,afterconsideringthecomplaint,thecommitteeissatisfiedthat:

(a)    thefactsallegedinthecomplainthavebeenproved,and

(b)     theexpulsionorsuspensioniswarranted.

(5)    Ifthecommitteeexpelsorsuspendsthemember,thesecretarymust,within7daysofthatactionbeingtaken,givethememberwrittennoticeof:

(a)    theactiontaken,and

(b)     thereasonsgivenbythecommitteefortakingtheaction,and

(c)     themember’srightofappealunderclause8.

(6)    Theexpulsionorsuspensiondoesnottakeeffectuntilthelaterofthefollowing:

(a)    thedaytheperiodwithinwhichthememberisentitledtoexercisethemember’srightofappealexpires,or

(b)     ifthe memberexercises the member’sright ofappeal within the period - thedaytheassociationconfirmstheresolutionunderclause8.

8      Rightofappealagainstdisciplinaryaction

(1)    Amembermayappealagainstaresolutionofthecommitteeunderclause7by lodginganoticeofappealwiththesecretarywithin7daysofbeingservednoticeoftheresolution.

(2)    Themembermayinclude,withthenoticeofappeal,astatementofthegroundsonwhichthememberintendstorelyforthepurposesoftheappeal.

(3)    Thesecretarymustnotifythecommitteethatthesecretaryhasreceivedanoticeofappeal.

(4)    Ifnotifiedthatanoticehasbeenreceived,thecommitteemustcallageneralmeetingoftheassociationtobeheldwithin28daysofthedaythenoticewasreceived.

(5)    Atthegeneralmeeting:

(a)    nobusinessotherthanthequestionoftheappealistobetransacted,and

(b)     themembermustbegivenanopportunitytostatethemember’scaseorallyorinwriting,orboth,and

(c)     thecommitteemustbegiventheopportunitytostatethecommittee’scaseorallyorinwriting,orboth,and

(d)     thememberspresentmustvotebysecretballotonthequestionofwhethertheresolutionshouldbeconfirmedorrevoked.

(6)    Theappealistobedeterminedbyasimplemajorityofvotescastbythemembers.

9      Resolutionofinternaldisputes

(1)    ThefollowingdisputesmustbereferredtoaCommunityJusticeCentrewithinthemeaningoftheCommunityJusticeCentresAct1983formediation:

(a)    adisputebetween2ormoremembersoftheassociation,butonlyifthedisputeisbetweenthemembersintheircapacityasmembers,or

(b)     adisputebetween1ormoremembersandtheassociation.

(2)    Ifthedisputeisnotresolvedbymediationwithin3monthsofbeingreferredtotheCommunityJusticeCentre,thedisputemustbereferredtoarbitration.

(3)    TheCommercialArbitrationAct2010appliestoadisputereferredtoarbitration.

10  Membershipentitlements nottransferable

A right, privilege or obligation that a person has becausethe person is a member of theassociation:

(a)         cannotbetransferredtoanotherperson,and

(b)         terminatesoncethepersonceasestobeamemberoftheassociation.

11  Memberresignation

(1)    Amemberoftheassociationmayresignfrombeingamemberbygivingthesecretarywrittennoticeofatleast1month,oranotherperioddeterminedbythecommittee,ofthemember’sintentiontoresign.

(2)    Thememberceasestobeamemberontheexpirationofthenoticeperiod.

12  Cessation ofmembership


(a)         dies,or

(b)         resignsfrombeingamember,or

(c)         isexpelledfromtheassociation,or

(d)         failstopaytheannualsubscriptionfeepayableunderclause5(2)within3monthsoftheduedate.


Part 3      Committee

Division1      Constitution

13  Functionsofcommittee


(a)         istocontrolandmanagetheaffairsoftheassociation,and

(b)         mayexerciseallthefunctionsthatmaybeexercisedbytheassociation,otherthanafunctionthatisrequiredtobeexercisedbytheassociationingeneralmeeting,and

(c)         has power to do all things that are necessary or convenient to be done for thepropermanagementoftheaffairsoftheassociation.

14  Compositionofcommittee

(1)    Thecommitteemusthave7members,aselectedinaccordancewithclause15,consistingof:

(a)    thefollowingoffice-bearers:

(i)      thepresident,

(ii)      thevice-president,

(iii)       thesecretary,

(iv)      thetreasurer,and

(b)     atleast3ordinarycommitteemembers.

Note - TheAct,section28containsrequirementsrelatingtomembershipeligibilityandcompositionof thecommittee.

(2)    Anoffice-bearermayholdupto2offices,otherthanboththeofficesofpresidentandvice-president.

15  Electionofcommitteemembers

(1)    Anymemberoftheassociationmaybenominatedasacandidateforelectionasanoffice-bearerorordinarycommitteemember.

(2)    Thenominationmustbe:

(a)    madeinwriting,and

(b)     signedbyatleast2membersoftheassociation,notincludingthecandidate,and

(c)     accompaniedbythewrittenconsentofthecandidatetothenomination,and

(d)     giventothesecretaryatleast7daysbeforethedatefixedfortheannualgeneralmeetingatwhichtheelectionistotakeplace.

(3)    Ifinsufficientnominationsarereceivedtofillallvacancies:

(a)    thecandidatesnominatedaretakentobeelected,and

(b)     acallforfurthernominationsmustbemadeatthemeeting.

(4)    Anominationmadeatthemeetinginresponsetoacallforfurthernominationsmustbemadeinthewaydirectedbythememberpresidingatthemeeting.

(5)    Vacanciesthatremainafteracallforfurthernominationsaretakentobecasualvacancies.

(6)    Ifthenumberofnominationsreceivedisequaltothenumberofvacanciestobefilled,themembersnominatedaretakentobeelected.

(7)    Ifthenumberofnominationsreceivedismorethanthenumberofvacanciestobefilled,aballotmustbeheldatthemeetinginthewaydirectedbythecommittee.

16  Termsofoffice

(1)    Subjecttothisconstitution,acommitteememberholdsofficefromthedaythememberiselecteduntilimmediatelybeforethenextannualgeneralmeeting.

(2)    Amemberiseligible,ifotherwisequalified,forre-election.

(3)    Thereisnolimitonthenumberofconsecutivetermsforwhichacommitteemembermayholdoffice.

17  Vacanciesinoffice

(1)    Acasualvacancyintheofficeofacommitteememberarisesifthemember:

(a)    dies,or

(b)     ceasestobeamemberoftheassociation,or

(c)     resignsfromofficebywrittennoticegiventothesecretary,or

(d)     isremovedfromofficebytheassociationunderthisclause,or

(e)    isabsentfrom3consecutivemeetingsofthecommitteewithouttheconsentofthecommittee,or

(f)          becomesaninsolvent under administrationwithinthemeaning of the CorporationsAct2001oftheCommonwealth,or

(g)     is prohibited from being a director of a company under the Corporations Act2001oftheCommonwealth,Part2D.6,or

(h)     isconvictedofan offenceinvolvingfraudor dishonestyfor whichthemaximumpenaltyisimprisonmentforatleast3months,or

(i)      becomesamentallyincapacitatedperson.

(2)    Theassociationingeneralmeetingmay,byresolution:

(a)    removeacommitteememberfromofficeatanytime,and

(b)     appointanothermemberoftheassociationtoholdofficeforthebalanceofthecommitteemember’stermofoffice.

(3)    Acommitteemembertowhomaproposedresolutionreferredtoinsubclause(2)relatesmay:

(a)    giveawrittenstatement, ofareasonablelength,tothepresidentorsecretary,and

(b)     requestthatthecommitteesendacopyofthestatementtoeachmemberoftheassociationatleast7daysbeforethegeneralmeetingatwhichtheproposedresolutionwillbeconsidered.

(4)    Ifthecommitteefails to send acopy ofa statement received under subclause (3)(a)toeachmemberinaccordancewitharequestmadeundersubclause(3)(b),thestatementmustbereadaloudbythememberpresidingatthegeneralmeetingatwhichtheproposedresolutionwillbeconsidered.

(5)    Thecommitteemayappointamemberoftheassociationtofillacasualvacancyotherthanavacancyarisingfromtheremovalfromofficeofacommitteemember.

(6)    Subjecttothisconstitution,amemberappointedtofillacasualvacancyholdsofficeuntilthenextannualgeneralmeeting.

18  Secretary

(1)    Assoonaspracticableafterbeingelectedassecretary,thesecretarymustlodgeanoticewiththeassociationspecifyingthesecretary’saddress.

(2)    Thesecretarymustkeepminutesof:

(a)    allelectionsofcommitteemembers,and

(b)     the namesofcommitteemembers presentatameetingof thecommitteeorageneralmeeting,and

(c)     allproceedingsatcommitteemeetingsandgeneralmeetings.

(3)    Theminutesmustbe:

(a)    keptinwrittenorelectronicform,and

(b)     forminutesofproceedingsatameeting -signed,inwritingorbyelectronicmeans,by:

(i)      thememberwhopresidedatthemeeting,or

(ii)      thememberpresidingatthesubsequentmeeting.

19  Treasurer


(a)         allmoneyowedtotheassociationiscollected,and

(b)         allpaymentsauthorisedbytheassociationaremade,and

(c)         correctbooksandaccountsarekeptshowingthefinancialaffairsoftheassociation,includingfulldetailsofreceiptsandexpenditurerelatingtotheassociation’sactivities.

20  Delegationtosubcommittees

(1)    Thecommitteemay:

(a)    establish1ormoresubcommitteestoassistthecommitteetoexercisethecommittee’sfunctions,and

(b)     appoint1ormoremembersoftheassociationtobethemembersofthesubcommittee.

(2)    Thecommitteemaydelegatetothesubcommitteetheexerciseofthecommittee’sfunctionsspecifiedintheinstrument,otherthan:

(a)    thispowerofdelegation,or

(b)     adutyimposedonthecommitteebytheActoranotherlaw.

Note: The InterpretationAct1987,section49dealswithvarious mattersrelatingtodelegations.

Division2      Procedure

21  Committee meetings

(1)    The committee must meet at least 3 times in each 12-month periodat the place andtimedeterminedbythecommittee.

(2)    Additionalmeetingsofthecommitteemaybecalledbyanycommitteemember.

(3)    Theprocedureforcallingandconductingbusinessatameetingofasubcommitteeistobeasdeterminedbythesubcommittee.

Note: TheAct,section30(1)providesthatcommitteemeetingsmaybeheldasandwhenthe association’s constitutionrequires.

22  Noticeofcommitteemeeting

(1)    Thesecretarymustgiveeachcommitteememberoralorwrittennoticeofameetingofthecommitteeatleast48hours,oranotherperiodonwhichthecommitteemembersunanimouslyagree,beforethetimethemeetingisduetocommence.

(2)    Thenoticemustdescribethegeneralnatureofthebusinesstobetransactedatthemeeting.

(3)    Theonlybusinessthatmaybetransactedatthemeetingis:

(a)    thebusinessdescribedinthenotice,and

(b)     businessthatthecommitteememberspresentatthemeetingunanimouslyagreeisurgentbusiness.

23  Quorum

(1)    Thequorumforameetingofthecommitteeis3committeemembers.

(2)    Nobusinessmaybetransactedbythecommitteeunlessaquorumispresent.

(3)    Ifaquorumisnotpresentwithinhalfanhourofthetimethemeetingcommences,themeetingisadjourned:

(a)    tothesameplace,and

(b)     tothesametimeofthesamedayinthefollowingweek.

(4)    Ifaquorumisnotpresentwithinhalfanhourofthetimetheadjournedmeetingcommences,themeetingisdissolved.

(5)    Ifthenumberofcommitteemembersislessthanthenumberrequiredtoconstituteaquorumforacommitteemeeting,thecommitteemembersmayappoint1ormoremembersoftheassociationascommitteememberstoenablethequorumtobeconstituted.

(6)    Acommitteememberappointedundersubclause(5)holdsoffice,subjecttothisconstitution,untilthenextannualgeneralmeeting.

(7)    Thisclausedoesnotapplytothefillingofacasualvacancytowhichclause17applies.

Note: TheAct,section28Aprovidesforthefillingofvacanciesonthecommitteetoconstitutea quorum.


24  Presidingcommitteemember

(1)    Thefollowingcommitteememberpresidesatameetingofthecommittee:

(a)    thepresident,

(b)     ifthepresidentisabsent - thevice-president,

(c)     ifboththepresidentandvice-presidentareabsent - 1ofthememberspresentatthemeeting,aselectedbytheothermembers.

(2)    Thememberpresidingatthemeetinghas:

(a)    adeliberativevote,and

(b)     intheeventofanequalityofvotes - asecondorcastingvote.

25  Voting


26  Actsvaliddespitevacanciesordefects

(1)    Subjecttoclause23(1),thecommitteemayactdespitetherebeingacasualvacancyintheofficeofacommitteemember.

(2)    An act done bya committee orsubcommitteeis not invalidatedbecause of adefectrelatingtothequalificationsorappointmentofamemberofthecommitteeor subcommittee.

27  Transaction ofbusiness outside meetings or by telephone or other means

(1)    Thecommitteemaytransactitsbusinessbythecirculationofpapers,includingby electronicmeans,amongallcommitteemembers.

(2)    Ifthecommitteetransactsbusinessbythecirculationofpapers,awrittenresolution,approvedinwritingbyamajorityofcommitteemembers,istakentobeadecisionofthecommitteemadeatameetingofthecommittee.

(3)    Thecommitteemaytransactitsbusinessatameetingatwhich1ormorecommitteemembersparticipatebytelephoneorotherelectronicmeans,providedamemberwhospeaksonamattercanbeheardbytheothermembers.

(4)    Thememberpresidingatthemeetingandeachothermemberhavethesame votingrights astheywouldhaveatanordinarymeetingofthecommitteeforthepurposesof:

(a)    theapprovalofaresolutionundersubclause(2),or

(b)     ameetingheldinaccordancewithsubclause(3).

(5)    Aresolutionapprovedundersubclause(2)mustberecordedintheminutesofthemeetingsofthecommittee.

Note: TheAct,section30(2)and(3)containsrequirementsrelatingtomeetingsheldat2ormorevenues using technology.


Part 4      Generalmeetingsofassociation

28  Annualgeneralmeetings

(1)    Theassociationmustholdtheassociation’sfirstannualgeneralmeetingwithin18monthsofthedaytheassociationwasregisteredundertheAct.

(2)    Theassociationmustholdsubsequentannualgeneralmeetingswithin:

(a)    6monthsofthelastdayoftheassociation’sfinancialyear,or

(b)     thelaterperiodallowedorprescribedinaccordancewiththeAct,section37(2)(b).

(3)    SubjecttotheActandsubclauses(1)and(2),theannualgeneralmeetingistobeheldattheplaceandtimedeterminedbythecommittee.

(4)    Thebusinessthatmaybetransactedatanannualgeneralmeetingincludesthefollowing:

(a)    confirmingtheminutesofthepreviousannualgeneralmeetingandanyspecialgeneralmeetingsheldsincethepreviousannualgeneralmeeting,

(b)     receivingreportsfromthecommitteeontheassociation’sactivitiesduringthepreviousfinancialyear,

(c)     electingoffice-bearersandordinarycommitteemembers,

(d)     receivingandconsideringfinancialstatementsorreportsrequiredtobesubmittedtomembersoftheassociationundertheAct.

Note: TheAct,section37(1)and(2)providesforwhenannualgeneralmeetingsmustbeheld.

29  Specialgeneralmeetings

(1)    Thecommitteemaycallaspecialgeneralmeetingwheneverthecommitteethinksfit.

(2)    Thecommitteemustcallaspecialgeneralmeetingifthecommitteereceivesarequestmadebyatleast5%ofthetotalnumberofmembers.

(3)    Therequest:

(a)    mustbeinwriting,and

(b)     muststatethepurposeofthemeeting,and

(c)     mustbesignedbythemembersmakingtherequest,and

(d)     mayconsistofmorethan1documentinasimilarformsignedby1ormoremembers,and

(e)    mustbelodgedwiththesecretary,and

(f)     maybeinelectronicformandsignedandlodgedbyelectronicmeans.

(4)    Ifthecommitteefailstocallaspecialgeneralmeetingwithin1monthoftherequestbeinglodged,1ormoreofthememberswhomadetherequestmaycallaspecialgeneralmeetingtobeheldwithin3monthsofthedatetherequestwaslodged.

(5)    Aspecialgeneralmeetingheldundersubclause(4)mustbeconducted,asfaraspracticable,inthesamewayasageneralmeetingcalledbythecommittee.

30  Noticeofgeneralmeeting

(1)    Thesecretarymustgiveeachmembernoticeofageneralmeeting:

(a)    ifamattertobedeterminedatthemeetingrequiresaspecialresolution - atleast21daysbeforethemeeting,or

(b)     otherwise - atleast14daysbeforethemeeting.

(2)    Thenoticemustspecify:

(a)    theplaceandtimeatwhichthemeetingwillbeheld,and

(b)     thenatureofthebusinesstobetransactedatthemeeting,and

(c)     ifamattertobedeterminedatthemeetingrequiresaspecialresolution - thataspecialresolutionwillbeproposed,and

(d)     foranannualgeneralmeeting - thatthemeetingtobeheldisanannualgeneralmeeting.

(3)    Theonlybusinessthatmaybetransactedatthemeetingis:

(a)    thebusinessspecifiedinthenotice,and

(b)     foranannualgeneralmeeting - businessreferredtoinclause28(4).

(4)    Amembermaygivewrittennoticetothesecretaryofbusinessthememberwishestoraiseatageneralmeeting.

(5)    Ifthesecretaryreceivesanoticeundersubclause(4),thesecretarymustspecifythenatureofthebusinessinthenextnoticecallingageneralmeeting.

31  Quorum

(1)    Thequorumforageneralmeetingis5membersoftheassociationentitledtovoteunderthisconstitution.

(2)    Nobusinessmaybetransactedatageneralmeetingunlessaquorumispresent.

(3)    Ifaquorumisnotpresentwithinhalfanhourofthetimethemeetingcommences,themeeting:

(a)    ifcalledontherequestofmembers - isdissolved,or

(b)     otherwise - isadjourned:

(i)      tothesametimeofthesamedayinthefollowingweek,and

(ii)      tothesameplace,unlessanotherplaceisspecifiedbythememberpresidingatthemeetingatthetimeoftheadjournmentorinawrittennoticegiventomembersatleast1daybeforetheadjournedmeeting.

(4)    Ifaquorumisnotpresentwithinhalfanhourofthetimeanadjournedmeetingcommences,butthereareatleast3memberspresent,thememberspresentconstituteaquorum.

32  Adjournedmeetings

(1)    Thememberpresidingatageneralmeetingmay,withtheconsentofthemajorityofthememberspresent,adjournthemeetingtoanothertimeandplace.

(2)    Theonlybusinessthatmaybetransactedattheadjournedmeetingisthebusiness remainingfromthemeetingatwhichtheadjournmenttookplace.

(3)    Ifameetingisadjournedforatleast14days,thesecretarymustgiveeachmemberoralorwrittennotice,atleast1daybeforetheadjournedmeeting,of:

(a)    thetimeandplaceatwhichtheadjournedmeetingwillbeheld,and

(b)     thenatureofthebusinesstobetransactedattheadjournedmeeting.

33  Presidingmember

(1)    Thefollowingmemberpresidesatageneralmeeting:

(a)    thepresident,

(b)     ifthepresidentisabsent - thevice-president,

(c)     ifboththepresidentandvice-presidentareabsent - 1ofthememberspresentatthemeeting,aselectedbytheothermembers.

(2)    Thememberpresidingatthemeetinghas:

(a)    adeliberativevote,and

(b)     intheeventofanequalityofvotes - asecondorcastingvote.

34  Voting

(1)    Amemberisnotentitledtovoteatageneralmeetingunlessthemember:

(a)    isatleast18yearsofage,and

(b)     haspaidallmoneyowedbythemembertotheassociation.

(2)    Eachmemberhas1vote,exceptasprovidedbyclause33(2)(b).

(3)    Aquestionraisedatthemeetingmustbedecidedby:

(a)    a show of hands, or

(b)     ifclause36applies - anappropriatemethodasdeterminedbythecommittee,or

(c)     awrittenballot,butonlyif:

(i)      thememberpresidingatthemeetingmovesthatthequestionbedecidedbyballot,or

(ii)      atleast5membersagreethequestionshouldbedeterminedbyballot.

(4)    Ifaquestionisdecidedusingamethodreferredtoinsubclause(3)(a)or(b),eitherofthefollowingissufficientevidencethataresolutionhasbeencarried,whetherunanimouslyorbyamajority,orlost,usingthemethod:

(a)    adeclarationbythememberpresidingatthemeeting,

(b)     anentryintheassociation’sminutebook.

(5)    Awrittenballotmustbeconductedinaccordancewiththedirectionsofthememberpresiding.

(6)    Amembercannotcastavotebyproxy.

35  Postalorelectronicballots

(1)    The associationmayhold apostalor electronicballot,asdetermined bythecommittee,todecideanymatterotherthananappealunderclause8.

(2)    TheballotmustbeconductedinaccordancewithSchedule2oftheRegulation.

36  Transactionofbusinessoutsidemeetingsorbytelephoneorothermeans

(1)    Theassociationmaytransactitsbusinessbythecirculationofpapers,includingby electronicmeans,amongallmembersoftheassociation.

(2)    Iftheassociationtransactsbusinessbythecirculationofpapers,awrittenresolution,approvedinwritingbyamajorityofmembers,istakentobeadecisionoftheassociationmadeatageneralmeeting.

(3)    Theassociationmaytransactitsbusinessatageneralmeetingatwhich1ormoremembersparticipatebytelephoneorotherelectronicmeans,providedamemberwhospeaksonamattercanbeheardbytheothermembers.

(4)    Thememberpresidingatthemeetingandeachothermemberhavethesame votingrightsastheywouldhaveatanordinarymeetingoftheassociationforthepurposesof:

(a)    theapprovalofaresolutionundersubclause(2),or

(b)     ameetingheldinaccordancewithsubclause(3).

(5)    Aresolutionapprovedundersubclause(2)mustberecordedintheminutesofthemeetingsoftheassociation.

Note: TheAct,section37(3)and(4)containsrequirementsrelatingtomeetingsheldat2ormorevenues using technology.


Part 5      Administration

37  Changeofname,objectsorconstitution


(a)         thepublicofficer,or

(b)         acommitteemember.

38  Funds

(1)    Subjecttoaresolutionpassedbytheassociation,theassociation’sfundsmaybederivedfromthefollowingsourcesonly:

(a)    theentrancefeesandannualsubscriptionfeespayablebymembers,

(b)     donations,

(c)     othersourcesasdeterminedbythecommittee.

(2)    Subjecttoaresolutionpassedbytheassociation,theassociation’sfundsandassetsmustbeusedtopursuetheassociation’sobjectsinthewaythatthecommitteedetermines.

(3)    Assoonaspracticableafterreceivingmoney,theassociationmust:

(a)    depositthemoney,withoutdeduction,tothecreditoftheassociation’sauthoriseddeposit-takinginstitutionaccount,and

(b)     issueareceiptfortheamountofmoneyreceivedtothepersonfromwhomthemoneywasreceived.

(4)    Achequeorothernegotiableinstrumentmustbesignedby2authorisedsignatories.

Note: TheAct, section36 provides forthe appointment of authorised signatories.

39  Insurance

The associationmaytake out and maintaininsuranceas appropriatefor theassociation’sassetsandliabilities.

40  Non-profitstatus


Note: SeetheAct,section40.

41  Serviceofnotices

(1)    Forthepurposesofthisconstitution,anoticemaybegiventoorservedonaperson:

(a)    bydeliveringthenoticetothepersonpersonally,or

(b)     bysendingthenoticebypre-paidposttotheaddressoftheperson,or

(c)     bysendingthenoticebyelectronictransmissiontoanaddressspecifiedbythepersonforgivingorservingthenotice.

(2)    Anoticeis takento havebeengiven toor served on aperson,unless thecontraryisproved:

(a)    foranoticegivenorservedpersonally - onthedateonwhichthenoticeisreceivedbytheperson,or

(b)     foranoticesentbypre-paidpost - onthedateonwhichthenoticewouldhavebeendeliveredintheordinarycourseofpost,or

(c)     foranoticesentbyelectronictransmission:

(i)      onthedatethenoticewassent,or

(ii)      ifthemachinefromwhichthetransmissionwassentproducesareportindicatingthenoticewassentonalaterdate—onthelaterdate.

42  Custodyofrecordsandbooks


(a)         attheassociation’smainpremises,inthecustodyofeitherofthefollowingpersons,asdeterminedbythecommittee:

(i)          thepublicofficer,

(ii)           amemberoftheassociation,or

(b)         iftheassociationhasnopremises - attheassociation’sofficialaddress,inthecustodyofthepublicofficer.

43  Inspectionofrecordsandbooks

(1)    Thefollowingdocumentsmustbeavailableforinspection,freeofcharge,by membersoftheassociationatareasonabletime:

(a)     thisconstitution,

(b)     minutesofcommitteemeetingsandgeneralmeetingsoftheassociation,

(c)      records,booksandotherdocumentsrelatingtotheassociation.

(2)    Amembermayinspectadocumentreferredtoinsubclause(1):

(a)    inhardcopy,or

(b)     inelectronicform,ifavailable.

(3)    Amembermayobtainahardcopyofadocumentreferredtoinsubclause(1)onpaymentofafeeofnotmorethan$1,asdeterminedbythecommittee,foreachpagecopied.

(4)    Thecommitteemayrefusetoallowamembertoinspectorobtainacopyofadocumentunderthisclause:

(a)         that relatestoconfidential, personal,commercial, employment orlegalmatters,or

(b)         ifthecommitteeconsidersitwouldbeprejudicialtotheinterestsoftheassociationforthemembertodoso.

44  Financialyear


(a)         theperiodcommencingonthedateofincorporationoftheassociationandendingonthefollowing30June,and

(b)         eachperiodof12monthsaftertheexpirationofthepreviousfinancialyear,commencingon1Julyandendingonthefollowing30June.

Note: TheRegulation,section21containsasubstituteclause44forcertainassociationsincorporated under theAssociationsIncorporationAct 1984.

45  Distributionofpropertyonwindingup

(1)    SubjecttotheActandtheRegulation,inawindingupoftheassociation,thesurpluspropertyoftheassociationmustbetransferredtoanotherorganisation:

(a)    withsimilarobjects,and

(b)     whichisnotcarriedonfortheprofitorgainoftheorganisation’smembers.

(2)    Inthisclause:












(1)  Elections

(2)  Duties of Non Office Bearer Committee Members

(3)  Committee Meetings

(4)  Code of Conduct

(5)  Accommodation

(6)  Announcements

(7)  Programme




            (1) Directors

(2) Bridge Sessions

            (3) Special Events

            (4) Teaching

            (5) Visitors




1.        The objective of this document is to provide guidelines for the administration of theBatemans Bay Bridge Club IncorporatedIt incorporates practices and procedures that have been developed over the period since the Club was established.

2.        These are the guidelines of the Club and are designed to supplement the Club Constitution, which takes precedence over the guidelines where conflict is found.

3.         The guidelines apply even in contravention of a rule of the New South Wales Bridge Association or the Australian Bridge Federation where the guidleline applies only to matters of local concern.

4.        The guidelines may be amended by an open meeting of the Committee or at a General Meeting convened for the purpose.

5.        Members may seek reconsideration of these guidelines or decisions made under them by written submission to the Committee.

6.        The process for formal appeal against a decision or guideline is that outlined in Clause 29(2) of the Constitution.





7.        The election of Office Bearers and other Committee Members at the Annual General Meeting shall be by secret ballot.

8.        The Committee shall, at its meeting before the Annual General Meeting, select a person who shall preside temporarily over the Annual General Meeting during the election.

9.        At the same Committee meeting, two persons shall be nominated to act as scrutineers for the election.

10.     The Chairperson and Scrutineers shall not be persons standing for election.

Duties of Non Office Bearer Members of the Committee


11.     The Congress Organiser shall:

a)    Have authority to act on behalf of the Committee to arrange the holding of one or more congresses under direction from the Committee,

b)    Organise as necessary, a sub-committee to assist,

c)    Recommend to the Committee:

-Dates for the congress (es),


-Directing arrangements,


-Financial and member commitments.

d)    Receive entries and payments and pass all payments to the Treasurer

e)    Arrange with the Treasurer to make such payments as are necessary for the conduct of the congress,

f)     Provide the Committee with a comprehensive financial and operational report as soon as possible following the conclusion of the congress.


12.     The Social Officer shall be responsible, under the direction of the Committee, for Club catering arrangements, including the Congress, special occasions and inter-club visits.


13.     The Master Points Secretary shall:

a)    Maintain records, submit returns and ensure payments are made as required in "The ABF Master Point Scheme Manual",

b)    Assist the President to give due recognition to the Master Points achievement of the members,

c)    Maintain the Club record of sessional results and ensure they are available for reference by members,

d)    Assist the Committee in all matters relating to Master Points.


Committee Meetings

14.     The Committee will meet at a frequency approximating once a month except over the Christmas period.

15.     The Committee shall keep minutes of the conduct of its meetings, including the mover and seconder of motions and pertinent discussion on issues, so that members reading the minutes are informed of reasons for actions.  Such minutes shall include an accurate statement of amounts at credit in the various financial accounts of the Club and details of payments approved.


Code of Conduct

16.     Members are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly and courteous manner at all times in dealings with other members, visitors and the Committee. In this respect, the Club adopts the following guidelines, which are found in the Rules and Ethics of the Federation of Australian Bridge Clubs.

a)    “Basic Manners

                                   .    Be courteous at all time to partner and to opponents

                                   .    Avoid using language and acts of temper that could be embarrassing to any other person.

                                   .    The use of vulgarisms or obscenities is discourteous.

                                   .    Use only the prescribed method for calls and avoid any variation in form for a call.

                                   .    Refrain from criticising the bidding, the play, and the distribution of the cards. and, most important of all, your partner.

                                   .    Compliments to the opponents are always welcome, but refrain from complimenting your partner until opponents have left the table.

                                   .    Postpone discussion of the hand until the round has been completed, and limit discussion to avoid delays.

                                   .    It is rude to leave the table before the move is called, and it is equally rude to be late for the next round.

b)    The Auction

                                   .    The continuing of a conversation while sorting a hand is considered to be an impropriety.

c)    The Play

                                   .    Do not give advance indication of expectation to win or lose a trick.

                                   .    No player is permitted to comment as to the number of tricks yet required for the success or defeat of a contract.

                                   .    It is considered unethical to stare at your partner or your opponents, or to watch them closely for the purpose of determining the position in the hand from which a card is extracted.

                                   .    You are ethically bound to avoid taking advantage of the information gained from a partner’s wince, grimace or other facial expression.

                                   .    You are expected to be “bridge-faced” (less expressive than poker-faced) but this does not mean that you may not smile and be pleasant.

                                   .    Once the dummy’s cards are properly on the table, dummy may only touch them when instructed by declarer.

d)    Explanations

                                   .    If you become declarer or dummy, you should offer to give a full explanation of your auction if it contains alerted or self-alerting calls.


17.     Members may seek full explanation of matters of concern from the Committee, but it is expected that correspondence to the Committee shall be couched in courteous terms, shall respect the authority vested in the Committee by the Club and shall refrain from personal attack upon members of the Committee.

18.     The Committee shall fully consider matters raised by members and provide a prompt and full explanation of its actions to the extent that such is within the proper bounds of confidentiality in matters relating to members personally and their private affairs.

19.     The response may be oral or in writing, similar to the manner in which the matter was raised with the Committee, or in writing to an oral approach where a detailed reply is necessitated.

20.     Consistent breaches under the code of conduct shall qualify for disciplinary action under Clause 14 of the Constitution, providing that the offending member has been informed in writing of the nature of the offence, has been requested to desist from such behaviour and invited to appear before the Committee to give a personal explanation if the Committee decision is disputed.  In each case there must appear in the minutes a motion of the finding of behaviour in breach of the code of conduct in respect of both the original consideration and a decision following an appearance before the Committee.



21.     The Committee shall decide the timing and location of bridge sessions for the Club.

22.     Responsibility for the setting up, tidying, security and closing of accommodation used for sessions rests with all players under supervision of the Director of the session and the Committee shall make appropriate arrangements accordingly, including rostering for the work if necessary.

23.     The Committee shall nominate one of its members and that member (or in that member’s absence, another committee member) will be solely responsible for adjustment of climatic control in the clubhouse

24.     Set up and lock up instructions will be displayed at the clubhouse.

25.     A Property Management Sub Committee, or Property Officer, shall be appointed by the Committee to explore and recommend on matters relating to accommodation and property in accordance with objectives set by the Committee.



26.     Announcements other than those relating to Club matters are not encouraged at bridge sessions.

27.     The President or other Committee member or, in the absence of a Committee person, the Director of the session, shall make official announcements at each session.

28.     Announcements by other persons shall not be made without prior approval of the President or the President’s representative officiating at the session.



29.     A programme of club events shall be prepared by the Committee. There should be no departure from the Programme without Committee approval.  Where a conflict arises this shall be resolved by the Director in conjunction with any Committee members present.






30.     Directors shall be approved by the Committee and shall conduct sessions in a manner which best facilitates friendly and enjoyable bridge for players of all standards. They shall hold that status until otherwise advised by the Committee.

31.     Directors of bridge sessions shall be excused from paying club table fees in sessions that they are directing.

32.     As far as practicable, sessions shall be directed by a Director who holds a recognised Australian Directing Accreditation.

33.     The committee shall appoint a co-ordinator of Directors who will be responsible for

co-ordinating the Directors in the Club. The Directors shall conduct playing sessions on a roster prepared by the co-ordinator of Directors

34.     A Director shall conduct sessions in accordance with the Club Programme,  the Club Guidelines, and decisions made by the committee and shall have sole control of play, including the kind of movement, after taking over conduct of the session

35.     Directors are encouraged to assist each other tactfully with the conduct of play.

36.     Sessional results shall be checked before being made public and no travellers or other relevant document should be removed from the Clubhouse except by the Director until the results are finalised.

37.     Directors should meet at least twice yearly with the President and Secretary to discuss the directing of sessions and to make recommendations to the Committee on matters affecting the conduct of bridge sessions.

38.     The Committee should encourage members to obtain directing qualifications and consider meeting costs of obtaining qualifications to ensure an adequate number of qualified Directors is available.


Bridge Sessions

39.     Bridge sessions will be under the control of the President or President's representative until the session is handed over to the Director.

40.     As a guide, the time allowed for rounds played at each table shall normally be

-       13 minutes for 2 board rounds

-       19 minutes for 3 board rounds

-       25 minutes for 4 board rounds

-       30 minutes for 5 board rounds

41.     The Director shall have discretion to vary playing times for hands where circumstances warrant.

42.     Play shall not normally proceed after the three-minute warning if dummy has not tabled the hand.

43.     The Director will decide whether to award an average or, in the event of continual slow play by a pair, to impose a penalty score.

44.     N/S shall be responsible for arrangements at the table, including:

a)    The placement of the board and marking of the bidding slips, which are to remain in view,

b)    Checking that the correct sequence of boards is played,

c)    The correct and legible scoring of hands,

d)    Checking the preceding score on the travelling score sheet,

45.     E/W shall be responsible for checking that the correct score is recorded and for moving boards at each change as indicated by the Director.

46.     Where an error in scoring or recording is disclosed, the Director shall be called.  The Director will then act to have the matter corrected immediately or later, (e.g. if the Director has not already played that board).

47.     A session shall be split into two movements where there are 14 or more tables in a green point event.  When the field is split the rostered director should seek assistance from a support director to answer calls in the second movement.

48.     Where there is a sit-out in a Mitchell Movement (other than a share and bye movement), the director shall determine whether the sit-out will be north/south or east/west.

49.     A draw for seating position will be conducted for Red Point Events other than Howell movements and will include all players except that, to facilitate direction of the movement, the Director may choose not to be included in the draw and make prior selection of a seat.  An exemption will also be allowed for a player or players to meet extenuating circumstances, such as a physical disability.  Such decisions will be at the discretion of the Director.

50.     Seating at ordinary sessions shall be decided on first arrival first choice basis except that a Director may change players seating at his/her discretion in circumstances such as physical disabilities or to facilitate the movement.


Special Events

51.     A Special Event is defined as any event other than an ordinary green point event.

52.     The Committee shall determine which special events are to be included in the programme     each year and ensure that these are printed in the annual schedule or program.

53.     The Club should endeavour to conduct the maximum available number of red point events each year.



54.     Club Pairs and Club Teams Championships shall be conducted each year and the names of winners shall be recorded on the Club Honour Boards.

55.      Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Pairs Championships shall be conducted annually to attract the award of additional green master points and will not hold Championship status equivalent to that of Club Championships.

56.     Only persons who are financial members of the Club at the commencement of the event shall be eligible to contest Club Championships.


Club Pairs Championships


57.     The Club Pairs Championship shall be conducted in two sessions over two weeks with one qualifying session and one final session.

58.     The movement for each session shall be as follows:





Session 1


< 6


4 Table Howell

6 to 8


5 Table Howell

9 to 10


6 Table Howell

11 to 14


7 Table Howell


2 Mitchell movements

7 Table Howell




59.     For the first session seating shall be allocated as follows according to total Master Point ranking of pairs at the last quarterly advice:



One Movement

Two Movements




Movement A

Movement B






























































60.     Deleted

61.     Casual pairs, if allowed, will be seated at the discretion of the Director. 

62.     Seating for the final round shall be randomly allocated.

63.     The pair entered in the competition shall not be changed less than 24 hours before the time the first session is scheduled to begin.  No substitute shall be permitted

64.     The N/S and E/W placings for entering the final will be determined by the percentage results for the first session with a coin toss deciding final round inclusion if percentages are equal in either N/S or E/W.  

65.     The winners of the Howell final shall be declared Club Pairs Champions.  


Club Teams Championship:

66.     The Club Teams Championship shall be conducted as a two-session one-day event.  Teams of four players shall contest the event for each of the two sessions.

67.     One substitute (of any level) per team shall be permitted.  A substitute may play for more than one team.

68.     The movement shall be a round robin.

69.     Results will be decided on Victory Points. In the event of a tie, joint winners shall be declared.


Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Pairs Championships (extra green master point events)

70.     These events will be played over two sessions. Extra green points will be awarded for each session, and to the top half of the field decided on total percentage points achieved.

71.     No special seating arrangements will apply for these events.

72.     Where a pair plays in only one session, they will be eligible for extra green points in that session only. 


Grand National Open Teams

73.     This event will be conducted at Club sessions annually over three sessions to select teams to represent the Club in Regional finals for the event.

74.     The event will be run in accordance with GNOT rules and will be held as a round robin.

75.     Unless otherwise determined by the GNOT organisation, scoring shall be on International Match Points (IMPs) converted to Victory Points (VPs). In the event of a draw for the final placing, the result will be decided on the total number of IMPs won by the teams involved in the draw.

76.     Master points will be allocated for each match won.


Margaret Chambers Trophy:

77.     Deleted

78.     .Club members with less than 15 MPs will be eligible to participate.

79.     The format for this event will be decided by the President in consultation with the co-ordinator of teaching.

80.     The trophy is to be held for 12 months and be returned annually by the holders.


Ray Turner Anniversary Pairs

81.     The Ray Turner Anniversary Pairs shall be held around 28 February each year to celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the clubhouse. 

82.     It shall be a one session pairs event. The President, or the President’s representative, and the Director shall select a format which shall result in one pair winning the trophy

83.     Deleted


Other Competitions

84.     The committee may develop other competitions/awards.



85.     The Club encourages the teaching of duplicate bridge and the Committee shall approve the conducting of courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced groups as thought necessary.

86.     The Committee shall appoint a co-ordinator of teaching who will be responsible for co-ordinating the teaching in the Club.  The Committee may also appoint other persons as its approved teacher/s of bridge. Teachers shall have authority to seek voluntary assistance to conduct teaching sessions.

87.     Teachers should, preferably, hold bridge teaching qualifications and shall be selected on the basis of assessed personality & teaching ability.

88.     The Committee before the commencement of courses shall arrange fees for students and financial arrangements with teachers.



89.     Visitors shall be welcome at all bridge sessions provided they can be accommodated

90.     A special table fee shall be set by the Committee for visitors to the Club.

91.     Visitors from Mollymook and Moruya Bridge Clubs shall have reciprocal rights for payment of local table fees.  Other Visitors shall pay the prescribed visitors fees.



Appeals Committee

92.     An Appeals Committee of three shall be chosen from experienced members of the Club to adjudicate in the event of an appeal against decisions taken in a bridge session.  No person having an involvement in the matter which is the subject of the appeal shall sit on the Committee that considers that appeal.



Amended at Open Committee Meeting on 7th April 2009

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