Welcome to the website of the Batemans Bay Bridge Club. The Club conducts bridge and social activities at its own purpose built Clubhouse close to the centre of town.


The Club is Reopening 


The Plan


Batemans Bay Bridge Club will reopen for play on Thursdays only, beginning on 27th August 2020

Session time will start at 1pm - (please arrive 15 min prior to the start of play).

Initially, the number of tables per session will be limited to   8


1.   Members Only are permitted to play (home club and non home club members).

2.   Numbers are limited The tables will be set up to allow for maximum social distancing.  each player will have their own bidding  box to take from table to table.

3.   Registration to Play is ESSENTIAL.  This will be done by signing in at the door AFTER having a temperature check

4.   Entry Protocols are strictly enforced.

5.   Temperature readings will be made before full entry is permitted. If a high temperature is recorded, you will be advised to seek medical advice and refused entry

6.   Please do not come to the premises if you are unwell.

7.   Declare overseas travel and contacts

8.   Hand hygiene and social distancing is mandatory immediately on entry

9.   Payment must be placed in container provided. NO CHANGE will be given.

10.       Bring your own pen, drink and food - be prepared to take dirty utensils home as the kitchen will NOT be open 

11.       The Library will be closed.

12.       All Protocols must be followed. Any additional direction will come from the Director or the Authorised person at the Entry point


David Woodward


Batemans Bay Bridge Club

 August 2020








Contact Form

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Annual General Meeting Cancelled


The committee will continue as for 2019, except for the position of Social Secretary

If you would like to nominate for this position please tell a committee member.

The committee will send out a form of Annual report during this month.



Membership form

Click on this link for a membership form:

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