Teaching Programme

     2018 Programme

Our teaching co-ordinator is Geoffrey Phegan (02 4472 8262)

  • Improvers Session/Supervised Play: Ray Turner and Laurie Oliver run an Improver's Session on Mondays at 10am to 12am for those who have completed a Beginners course. Tableside teaching is available and the session is very informal.
  • LESSONS:- Beginners' Classes: these will commence on Tuesday 13th March.  For more information and enrolement please ring Geoffrey.


Tutorials and Great Hands

click on this link

Tutorials and Hands

for some useful tutorials and some interesting hand quizzes

Duke of Cumberland Hand

If you click on the drop arrow beside "Teaching/Education" on the left you will be able to play the famous Duke of Cumberland hand using the Pianola replay system, which is a feature of Pianola Plus. Instructions are at the bottom of the page. 

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