The Duke of Cumberland Hand

This is a famous hand, popularised by Eli Culbertson out of a Whist hand upon which the Duke of Cumberland is said to have lost a packet. Ian Flemming used it it "Moonraker": Bond, dealing from North with a rigged pack, goaded Hugo Drax who sat West into doubling when Bond competed to a grand slam in clubs. Bond of course redoubled, as seven clubs makes against any defense.

Perhaps Drax was not so smart. The redouble should have told him that something was afoot, and a sacrifice in 7NT will only go two or three down. 

You can play this hand using Pianola Replay. Click a card to play it. The green / red labels on each card show you the implication for declarer's contract depending on which card you choose. You can turn these labels off by clicking "Turn guidance off" and you can try in a different contract by clicking the edit pencil alongside the 7C by N at the bottom. Pianola Replay is one of the features of Pianola Plus.

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